Ways to help the newcomer via ZOOM

Carrying the Message to the Newcomer through virtual meeting platforms.

Post the Newcomer flyer at Zoom meetings to let newcomer’s know how to access literature and other resources

Newcomer Flyer

Here are some methods that other groups and meetings have been using to help the newcomer access literature

  • Post through the chat option on Zoom or “Share” a flyer announcing websites for Treasure Valley Intergroup and General Service Office – TVICO.net or aa.org.   (see flyer above)
  • Announce that pamphlets like “A Newcomer Asks”, “Is A.A. for Me?”, “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship” are all available in PDF form at  aa.org
  • Offer to mail literature – Big Book, 12 x 12, Living Sober to Newcomer and have them share their mailing address to someone through the Chat feature. Groups can use their 7th tradition monies to cover the cost of mailing.  TVICO will mail from Central Office to any address.  Basic cost $17 for soft cover, $17.50 for hardcover includes book, newcomer packet and shipping costs.
  • Have a service position of Newcomer Liaison who makes note of newcomers and reaches out to them via Chat and follows up to answer questions.