About TVI

Statement of Purpose (Treasure Valley Intergroup Council of AA)

Intergroup is the voice of the AA groups in the Treasure Valley to:

1. Safeguard the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.
2. Serve the local groups.
3. Perform any and all acts as stated in the bylaws in order to meet our purpose.
4. Intergroup is a State of Idaho incorporated agency of Alcoholics Anonymous.
5. Provide support for the Treasure Valley Intergroup Central Office.
6. Hold functions to promote our common welfare and raise funds for the TVICO.

The goal of Intergroup is to foster unity and cooperation among all the groups in the Treasure Valley.

Some of the ways we serve the groups are the newsletter, answering service, web site, and entertainment for social fellowship with one another.

If you bring a problem or concern to Intergroup, it is of great help if you also bring a suggested solution, or at lease the start of one. The elected representatives of the groups are generally empowered to act in their group’s name, but matters of great concern or importance can always be tabled until the following month to ask for your group’s conscience.

This is a brief summary of what we do. If you need more information or a service sponsor, please ask.